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The Walt Disney project

4/30/2012 It’s crazy how the top picture is already 2 years ago last night.   mkealcoran and I went to the park that night to get shots of Carnation Plaza Gardens because it was supposed to close sometime that week.  We arrived that night around 7pm, got to Carnation Plaza Gardens and saw a couple *in the background of the shot* swing dancing.  They brought some speakers and were just dancing.  We were gonna try and wait them out to get empty shots.  So we left and came back around closing but they were still there dancing.  We decided to just go ahead and get the shots, the top is what I ended up with, it’s been edited twice now to add the top effect and another time to add color which can be seen here.  They probably ended up dancing until they were told to leave, it’s crazy to think we were some of the last few guests in Carnation Plaza Gardens and this might have been one of the last shots there too.  

These are incredible.. °o° 

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